Friday, 30 April 2010

Scenario Giveaway!!!!

NO MORE COMMENTS PLEASE! THERE WILL BE A WINNER SOON. STAY TUNED! :) Hello all! I'm giving away this cute house brooch to one lucky winner! If you want to win this here is what you have to do: 1) Be a follower in my blog and (NOT or) 2) Write as a comment below a little scenario about what is going on in this house. Who lives here? What are they thinking? What's all this love about? Go on! Leave your imagination free and give me your version of the story. The best scenario wins. Starting today, you have until the 15th of May!


Vilt à la Kim said...

1. I just followed you: viltk
2. The story of the house of love:
far far away, a little house was build in the middle of nowhere, tiny bluebirds, white and black sheep, a circus lion and many fairies lived there. The only way you could reach the house was by boat, rocket or flying.
They all lived together in love and they wanted to share that love with the whole wide world but how????

"Let me shout it out to the world "said the lion. "No, no, said the sheep "our wool will be used as yarn or felt and wrap everyone with love". "But we want to contribute too " said the tiny birds "let us fly and tjilp" the fairies wanted to sprinkle their dust, but they realsied the most powerfull love would come when it was combinded from them all. So they heatted up a fire in the fireplace and everyone added their love to it . That way all their love was spread around the world as the love was taken by the wind.

Moonangelnay said...

that is such a cool brooch! i love how colorful and abstract it is!
my baby due date is on the 15th of may!

ira said...

I already following you lacra:))) and I want that cute thing!

artistico said...

i following you dafni :) and this little house is my dream house who i have my heart and my believes inside:) thnks for those fantastic creations

caroline said...

I follow you on Twitter. This little 'house of love' brooch represents a 1st home........ & the new bride has just been carried over the threshold and upstairs to the bedroom..........

TMCPhoto said...

I just became a follower, love the colours!

TMCPhoto said...

This house was not always so tall, once it was a simple bungalow shared by a group of deep thinking philosophers. These learned people would sit around day and night (as philosophers are wont to do) and talk about the meaning of love.

What is the meaning of love?
How do you love?
Why would you love?
When do you know love?
What is love?
Who can love?
Where can you find love?

One day, the darkest existential thinker of these learned philosophers stood up and declared "Love is dead".

Stunned, the rest sat in silence. One by one they each began to mourn the death of love. With tears of loss, they spoke to each other about their pain. They shared their sadness, tears fell.

But one small philosopher sat back in deep thought and observed her peers sitting together, but deeply alone with their pain.

She stood and moved to the philosopher who was sitting next to her. He was in such a deep anguish that a black cloud was forming over his head. As she looked around she noticed that there was a darkness growing throughout the small room, making it smaller. The little philosopher took her neighbors hand and pulled him into a comforting hug.

"Don't cry," she whispered into his ear, and with these heart felt words the black cloud that had been forming around him dissipated and he saw that he loved the little philosopher, and he knew that if this was so, then Love could not be dead.

Armed with this insight he smiled at the her and looked around the room at the rest. With a soft kiss they broke their embrace and moved on to the rest of the room, comforting each man and woman with hugs and kind words, awakening each of them from their fugues.

With each embrace and caring whisper the knowledge that Love was not gone filled the house up to bursting. There was so much love that the tiny bungalow stretched up creating more space for the love to fill until it could grow no more.

Now the house stands three stories tall and it is said that if you are feeling lost, alone and loveless and you walk past this house your step will become light, the day will become brighter and you will feel love.

anta said...
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matchstickgirl said...

...there was once a tiny shepherdess
she lived in a little house with her parents
high in the mountains
her parents were very very old and she helped them day and night, when she wasnt tending the magical fleecy goats that went to pasture ( much like the ones Inger gets the wool from ...may even be the same ones ...)
one day the little shepherdess was setting the fire and she blew on the embers and she blew and blew ...until accidentally her little heart flew out and floated up the chimney on her breath ..................

Amber said...

I follow your blog and I think a young couple fresh out of college lives in this whimsical house and they are filled with ideas and freedom. They want to start their own business, a bakery, and they are so passionate about brioche and scones and homemade jam. Even though the business will not make them millionaires, they do not care. They will enjoy every working day - all the flour fights - and live comfortably but most important, happily and with their hearts full of love!
Thank you for the giveaway :)

PurrPrints said...

Oh my goodness, this brooch is just adorable--I just followed your blog (as purrprints--the contact form on my purrprints blog is the best way to reach me) and here's my scenario:

When Ophelia and Gabriel, lovebirds, first flew up to this birdhouse they held their breath. They'd been searching for the perfect home for so long, and Ophelia was certain they'd just found it as soon as she laid eyes on the bright beautiful colors and playful lines.

Gabriel, always the more cautious of the two, was determined to withhold judgment until he had explored every nook and cranny, however. He set about this task immediately, while Ophelia flitted through the rooms, singing happily.

A little while later, every corner explored, Gabriel finally knew Ophelia's first suspicions were correct. He flitted up to the ceiling to join her, and they spun around, dizzy and laughing. Their love for each other and their new home was so overwhelming it filled the rooms, finally escaping out the chimney in sheer joy.

MamaTink said...

I am following you on GFC! Love your etsy shop!

calej said...

Followed you dear creative one!

Once upon a time there was a tall house on top of a tall hill where a tall cat lived all alone.

One day, a little girl by the name of Christina knocked on the door curious why all the lights of the house were always open (She was an environmentalist you see).

The tall cat, whose name was incidentally Maurice, opened the door and smiled a little smile.

Christina said hello and peered inside the house. She noticed little metal heart shaped molds on the kitchen table.

Maurice, the cat, exchanged some niceties with Christina and they soon became friends. Christina told him about her stay with Greenpeace and their quest to save the trees in Savavavah land from evil loggers.

Maurice promised to keep lights on only when the heart factory was in operation.

He told Christina that he was hard at work making love bubbles all day and all night so that the world would be at peace.

He told her of his family's legacy and duty to keep creating love bubbles that float through the sky and settle upon homes, schools, even castles to bring forgiveness, self-sacrifice, generosity...

Christina's heart was overwhelmed. She just had to help Maurice!

So day and night they set to work and the world was filled with a double portion of love!

The end :)

@ByHandGiveaways said...


I live there standing in the top window kissing my BF :)

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Missus D said...

I'm a follower!

Just wanna say how much I love your work!

As for the story, I will keep it short, but the most loving couple in the world is in there making sweet music.

Won't detail it since I wanna keep it child-friendly!

Anonymous said...

I am a follower.

I think this house is made of 3 rented rooms, they are all fairly small becuase the people that live there dont have much money to spend.

In the 1st room lives an old couple, they have been there for 50 years and are still as in love as they were on their wedding day, they spend their days doing crossword puzzles together.

In the 2nd room lives a mother with 3 children, she works at 3 jobs and doesnt have much money to spend but she loves her children very much and will protect them to the end of their days.

In the 3rd room 2 friends live, they have been friends for over 15 years and would do anything for each other.
This is a house full of love, all different kinds of love..Family love, Friendship love and Romantic love (:

Jinx said...

New follower!! <3


Jinx said...

Who lives here? What are they thinking? What's all this love about?

It was a fine and dandy day for Mr. && Mrs. Corn Head until the fire broke out.
You see, Mrs. Corn Head was cooking (she was not perfectly skilled at this) a ketchup/butter cassarole and Mr. Corn Head had his t.v. up so loud she just couldn't think straight.

So after using mustard instead of the ketchup, her oven got awfully confused and caught the dish on fire.

After screaming and hollering, they unplugged their lovely oven and sat at the table crying.
All Mrs. Corn Head wanted was some piece and quiet while cooking for her husband and ended up ruining their only supper.

Mr. Corn Head took the dish out after it cooled down and muttered something.
Mrs. Corn Head asked him what he said while he was scrapping some of the Mustard and Butter around.

He took a bite.
His little corny eyes got big and
exclaimed "Why this is better than Ketchup!"

So they sat there at the kitchen table and
had a lovely burnt mustard casserole.
Happily ever after.


OrangeDette said...


This is a story a house at first that turns into a home.

In this house lives a family, a father who works all day at a company, a mother who takes care of their family business and a son who keeps himself busy after school digging his face on the computer.

They live independently with each other. They don't eat together because their schedules don't meet. They merely talk to each other coz they're always busy.

One day, the son had this homework wherein they have to draw something they wanted to change in their life. The son thought of it the whole time, but he can't seem to think of anything. He tried to ask help to his mom first, but he didn't get any suggestions because her mom's busy calculating and doing inventories. So he waited for his dad. When it arrived, it didn't even bother to listen to him, and headed straight to his room to rest.

The son saddened himself and went to his room, he tried to chill himself by playing his favorite game, Ragnarok. While playing, he saw a bride and groom in their wedding garments with their son. They're talking and keep doing that "heart-shaped emoticon".

He turned off the computer and grabbed his pen and paper and draw their house with a heart shape on top with a caption of. "I'll turn our House into a place full of love and make it like HOME."

Anonymous said...

1. I followed you (:


This house is located in the urban area. Many homeless people live in this house. When the owner of the house died, she wished to make it into a shelter for the people who didn't have any, and so it was done.

The people in this home come from everywhere, and can be anybody. They can be your best friend, your teacher, your lover, or even your mother!

In this house, everybody does not think of themselves; they think for the other person. They feed and take care of their roommates, unaware that they neglect themselves.

In this house, everybody loves each other with all of their hearts. They love and love until their hearts, too, are filled with love. And overflowing with love, the home overflows with love and spreads it to every corner of the earth.

And so the "shelter house" became a "home". And everyone who lived there received a little mark on their back, with the shape of a heart. The heart grows as more and more love is given, not taken. And when the heart grows big enough, it becomes a beautiful red cloth, which takes shape into clothing.

And that is how the people, also known as the "Red Cross", came to be. And they bring people to this home everyday to be filled with love and hope.

debbie said...

I am a follower. The house is small, but filled with love. They aren't afraid to show who they really are, they appreciate their creativity and encourage it. They are truly happy. That is why it is filled with love.

SheilaC said...

In the upstairs bathroom window, Sweetie is taking a bubble bath getting ready to go out and celebrate her anniversary to Hubby. Hubby is in the downstairs window trying to tie his tie. Why oh why did he let Sweetie talk him into going to that fancy restaurant and then to the Ballet?
Oh, yeah.... because he loves her more than he loves breathing....

LOVE the brooch :)


SheilaC said...

new follower too


AmbreRose said...

As I am looking at this house I am thinking that it would be the perfect house for my sister. I can see her in a house with all of these bright and happy colors. The house might be tall and thin but it has a huge yard that is filled with kids and flowers. ambrerose(!at)aol(dot)com

L'Accent Nou - creative projects said...

I'm following!
Anastasia from LAccentNou
and I think that Kai and Gerda from Andersen's fairy tale live in this house! :D

International Giveaways said...


Just wanted to let you know that your giveaway was listed on my site.

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The Prickly Pinecone said...

I am a follower.

In this house lives a middle aged woman named dot, she is kept company by a cat called prissy. They spend hours just sitting and watching the birds in the garden. They share so much love it escaped through the chimney!


A Clockwork Porridge said...

I am now a follower :)

Hmm well my theory is...What are they doing? We know that it is the Hyacinth house...but what are they doing in there?

I added you because I need a brand new friend ;D

You don't need to follow me...
lol if you know what I am talking about you are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I am follower :D

Who lives here?
A pair of kids

What are they thinking?
They are cooking cookies for their friend

What's all this love about?
He is sick and they love him so much :D


Lyudmila said...

I am follower

Who lives here?
A pair of little kids

What are they thinking?
They are cooking muffins for their friend

What's all this love about?
He is bright and cheerful

lusizova (at)

Thongbai Tatong said...

I am your blog follower! And here is the house:

This house is spacey. There are different rooms for different family activities. One of the rooms is very big and well equipped as a sewing studio. I like to spend hours and hours in this room. Everyone in the family knows that it it important for me to be in this room so they understand and live me alone. Plus, because I spend more time in this room than anywhere else in the house, the mess remains inside the room keeping the rest of the house tidy.

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